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The staff office for BCATS is located in Springfield City Hall,
601 Avenue A
Springfield, MI 49037
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fax: 269-963-4951



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The BCATS area includes:  the Cities of Battle Creek and Springfield; Charter Townships of Bedford, Emmett and Pennfield; and townships of Leroy and Newton


BCATS is an Equal Opportunity Employer



Non-Motorized Transportation Plans & Resources


"THE SIGNAL" Metropolitan Transportation Plan

September, 2016


Revised Calendar 2016 Committee Meeting Schedule


"THE SIGNAL" FY 2017-2020 TIP - April, 2016


"THE SIGNAL" FY 2017-2020 TIP - Jan. 2016





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Original full document as printed July 30, 2013

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BCATS' TIP Amendment Schedule



2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan




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Review & Action in November
The Battle Creek Area Transportation Study is pleased to announce that the update of its Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) to a horizon year of 2040 is nearing completion.  Draft material from the MTP document will be posted on this website here, under "Activities"--"Transportation Planning", as it is finished & available.  Click here for the draft list of "Recommended Improvements", and click here for the draft "Chapter XV - Financial Plan".  These two items were reviewed & approved by BCATS' Technical Committee on 11/16/16.  The remainder of the MTP document will be posted online in advance of BCATS' Policy Committee action on the complete 2040 MTP at its 11/30/16 meeting.

  FY 2017-2020
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The FY17-20 TIP was approved by BCATS Policy Committee at its June 22, 2016 meeting, and subsequently approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) & the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in late September, as incorporated by reference in Michigan's Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).
    The first amendment to BCATS FY17-20 TIP will be processsed thru BCATS' Committees in November, and presented to FHWA & FTA for approval in December.   The proposed TIP amendment includes the following:
    1) adding a Michigan Dept of Transportation (MDOT) 2017 asphalt crack treatment on parts of M-66 (Division), I-94BL (Columbia), & I-94BL (Dickman), total ~2.7 miles.  Total cost ~$59,000, 81.85% Fed Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds, 18.15% State Michigan Betterment (M) funds;
    2) deleting replacement of two large heavy duty, low floor, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) fully equipped buses for Battle Creek Transit’s fixed-route service, one in 2017 ($425,000) & one in 2018 ($433,500), given Federal Transit Administration (FTA) policy to not allow FTA Sec 5339(b) discretionary projects in TIP until funding is officially awarded;  
    3) deleting a 2017 project of Community Action to replace two small light duty vans, with FY17 FTA Sec 5310 "Enhanced Mobility of Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities" funds, as $91,000 project fully funded in FY16;
    4) adding MDOT’s 2017 preliminary engineering & construction to add a 0.10 mile right turn lane on the M-66 southbound approach to Glenn Cross Rd.  Total cost $131,284, funded 81.85% Fed Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) funds, 18.15% State M funds; and
    5) adding 2017 MDOT right-of-way (ROW) work with State M funds: $15,000 for ROW related to the 2018 $1.5M resurfacing of M-66 (Capital Ave NE) from Capital Ave/Division St intersection northward to Frey Dr, and $25,000 for ROW related to the 2019 $3.4M construction to replace the M-311 (11 Mile/Wheatfield Rd) bridge over the Kalamazoo River & rehabilitate approaches.
    Details of the above listed projects, and of administrative modifications that may be presented with the TIP amendment, can be provided upon request.  Discussion & action regarding the TIP amendment will be conducted at the regular meetings of BCATS’ Technical Committee (Wednesday, 11/16/16) & Policy Committee (Wednesday, 11/30/16).  Both meetings begin at 1:30 pm in the Council Chambers of Springfield City Hall at 601 Avenue A.  Public comment is encouraged before or at those meetings; BCATS' regular meetings are open to the public.  Comments will be accepted up to Policy Committee action on 11/30/16. 
Direct questions and/or comments to:
BCATS, 601 Avenue A, Springfield, MI  49037
ph 269-963-1158, fax 269-963-4951


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