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The staff office for BCATS is located in Springfield City Hall,
601 Avenue A
Springfield, MI 49037
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fax: 269-963-4951



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The BCATS area includes:  the Cities of Battle Creek and Springfield; Charter Townships of Bedford, Emmett and Pennfield; and townships of Leroy and Newton


BCATS is an Equal Opportunity Employer



"THE SIGNAL" FY 2017-2020 TIP - April, 2016


"THE SIGNAL" FY 2017-2020 TIP - Jan. 2016





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Original full document as printed July 30, 2013

Up-to-date TIP Project List, BCATS-Approved

BCATS' TIP Amendment Schedule



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FY 2017-2020
Transportation Improvement
Program (TIP)

The BCATS Policy Committee approved the FY17-20 TIP at its June 22, 2016 meeting.  The complete document and TIP E-file was submitted to MDOT on July 1, 2016 for State & Federal review & approval.

FY 2014-2017
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
Amendment #12
THE BATTLE CREEK AREA TRANSPORTATION STUDY (BCATS) HEREBY GIVES NOTICE of opportunity for public involvement in the 12th amendment to its current Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for fiscal years (FYs) 2014-2017 (10/1/13–9/30/17), and in adoption of its new TIP for FY17-20.  The proposed amendment includes the following:

    1) adding Federal ($15,000) & State ($562,500) incentive payments to the City of Battle Creek (BC) for 2016 railroad grade crossing closures on Division St, Fountain St, & Spencer St;

    2) adding a Michigan Dept of Transportation (MDOT) 2016 Freeway Signing Upgrade on I-94 in Calhoun County, total cost $1.9M, 100% Fed Interstate Maintenance - Safety funds;

    3) deleting BC’s 2017 resurfacing of Main St (from Mary to south city limits, & from M-66 to Hamblin) from the current TIP, and placing the $194,000 project in the new TIP for 2018 construction.  The resulting available 2017 Federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds then facilitate adding resurfacing of McCamly St (from VanBuren St to North Ave), and Roosevelt Ave (from East Ave to Garrison Ave), to BC’s 2017 STP-funded resurfacing of Goguac St (from Capital to Carl), expediting bid letting & providing funding flexibility.  Goguac+McCamly+Roosevelt total cost $445,180, funded 81.85% Fed STP, 18.15% City of Battle Creek;

    4) adding a 2016 remodeling/rehabilitation of Battle Creek Transit’s administration building.  Total cost $114,575, funded 80% Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5339 - Small Urban Bus & Bus Facilities, 20% State Comprehensive Transportation Fund; and

    5) adding replacement of two large heavy duty, low floor, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) fully equipped buses for Battle Creek Transit’s fixed-route service, one in 2016 & one in 2017.  Each bus total cost $425,000, 90% FTA Sec 5339, 10% City of Battle Creek.  

Details of the above listed projects, and of several administrative modifications that will be presented with the amendment, can be provided upon request.  Additional TIP amendment information, as well as the draft document & project list for the new FY17-20 TIP, is available online at  Discussion & action regarding both the proposed amendment & the new TIP will be conducted at the regular meetings of BCATS’ Technical Committee (5/11/16) & Policy Committee (5/25/16).  Both meetings begin at 1:30 pm in the Council Chambers of Springfield City Hall at 601 Avenue A.  Public comment on each TIP item is encouraged before or at those meetings; BCATS' regular meetings are open to the public.  Comments will be accepted up to Policy Committee actions on 5/25/16.  Direct questions and/or comments to:  BCATS, 601 Avenue A, Springfield, MI  49037; ph 269/963-1158, fax 269/963-4951, e-mail
The current TIP project list, Fed-Approved & up-to-date thru Amendment #11, can be viewed here
The eleventh amendment to the FY14-17 TIP was processed thru BCATS' Committees in January, approved by Policy Committee 1/27/16, and approved by MDOT & Federal officials 3/8/16.  Following are the approved changes as outlined in the Battle Creek Enquirer public notice 1/12/16:
   1) changing TWO LARGE REPLACEMENT BUSES for fixed-route service of Battle Creek Transit (BCT) from medium-duty models to heavy-duty, & increasing the total cost to $375,000 each.  2016 bus funded 66% from Federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) program, 2017 bus 56% CMAQ-funded;
   2) DELETING a 2016 CMAQ-funded project for BCT to convert/retrofit one demand-response van to propane fuel, at a total cost of $15,000;
    3) changing a 2017 CMAQ-funded project for the City of Battle Creek (BC) to CONVERT/RETROFIT 15 LIGHT-DUTY VEHICLES TO PROPANE FUEL, to 18 vehicles, & increasing total cost to $127,800;
    4) increasing the total cost of a 2017 CMAQ-funded project of the Calhoun County Road Dept (CCRD) to improve geometrics at the WATTLES RD/VERONA RD INTERSECTION, to $168,355;
    5) moving the construction phase (CON) for the CCRD’s replacement of the RAYMOND RD BRIDGE OVER THE KALAMAZOO RIVER from 2015 to 2016, & dropping all Federal Bridge Replacement - Surface Transportation Program (STP) funding.  $4.5M project now funded 95% with State Funds - Michigan Betterment (M), & 5% CCRD;
    6) moving the $158,000 preliminary engineering phase  (PE) for fixed-object & tree removal, & culvert replacement along M-311 (11 MILE RD/WHEATFIELD RD) by the Michigan Dept of Transportation, from 2016 to 2017;
    7) adding a 2016 CCRD resurfacing project on CUSTER DR, from River Rd northward to M-89 (Michigan Ave).  Total cost $200,000, funded 80% State Transportation Economic Development Fund - Category F, 20% CCRD;
    8) adding 2016 PE & 2017 CON for MDOT’s $673,681 resurfacing of M-66, from south of D Dr S northward to north of Glenn Cross Rd.  Funded 81.85% Federal Surface Transportation Program (STP), 18.15% State M;
    9) moving the CCRD’s resurfacing of BELLEVUE RD, from McAllister Rd east/northeastward to 13 Mile Rd, from 2015 to 2016, & updating total cost to $800,000;
  10) combining BC’s 2016 STP-funded resurfacing projects on RIVERSIDE DR & TERRITORIAL RD into one $788,210 project to expedite bid letting & provide funding flexibility;
  11) adding a 2017 project for COMMUNITY INCLUSIVE RECREATION to purchase two replacement 15-passenger light-duty cutaway buses (w/lifts).  Total cost $106,000 [80% Federal Transit Administration Section 5310 - Enhanced Mobility of Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities (FTA-Sec5310), 20% State Comprehensive Transportation Fund (CTF)]; and
   12) adding 2017 projects for COMMUNITY ACTION (CA) to purchase two replacement light-duty cutaway buses (one 12-passenger w/lift, one 15-passenger), at total cost $91,000 (80% FTA-Sec5310, 20% State CTF); and to purchase software, mobile in-vehicle data terminals, three replacement office computers, & replacement office furniture for three workstations, at total cost $105,378 (77.6% FTA-Sec5310, 17.7% State CTF, 4.7% CA).
Direct questions and/or comments to:
BCATS, 601 Avenue A, Springfield, MI  49037
ph 269-963-1158, fax 269-963-4951


BCATS Reports Obligated Federal Transportation Projects From FY 2015


The Battle Creek Area Transportation Study (BCATS), the metropolitan planning organization for the greater Battle Creek area, is pleased to provide a listing of the federally funded projects which were obligated during fiscal year 2015 (which ended September 30, 2015).  Important to note is that the projects were “obligated” (ie: funding was appropriated) - but were not necessarily completed.  Some projects actually constructed during 2015 may have been “obligated” in earlier fiscal years and will not appear on this listing.  Conversely, some projects “obligated” in 2015 may not be constructed until 2016.  The listing of 2015 obligated projects for the BCATS area can be viewed here.  Any questions should be directed to the BCATS staff.




The Battle Creek Area Transportation Study (BCATS) Policy Committee on July 30, 2014 approved the update to its Transportation Participation Plan (TPP).  The plan outlines ways the public can participate in the BCATS program.  The TPP also includes information about how BCATS conducts outreach for its plans and programs.  The update was adopted after a 45-day public comment period that began June 3, 2014.  No comments were received on the update during the comment period.  The approved TTP document can be viewed by clicking here.


Questions about the TPP can be directed to the BCATS staff at or via contacting the staff office at

601 Avenue A, Springfield, MI 49037

voice:  269(963-1158)  --  fax:  (269)963-4951


BCATS' FY14-17 TIP Document
Monday, December 02, 2013

 BCATS' FY 2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)  was approved by BCATS' Policy Committee in June, 2013, and submitted to the Michigan Dept of Transportation on July 1, 2013 for State review/approval.  From there, it moved on to the Federal Highway Administration & Federal Transit Administration, where it was officially approved at the end of November, 2013.  Projects in the FY 2014-2017 TIP have been advanced for implementation since that time.  The TIP has been amended many times since approval.  Those amendments are highlighted here on the BCATS homepage whenever they occur.


Section 1  –  INTRODUCTION
Section 5  –  CONSULTATION
Section 8  –  PROJECT LIST


Click here or on the TIP document cover image above for the entire document in Adobe pdf format.



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