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2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

BCATS has finalized the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the greater Battle Creek area.  The MTP was approved by the BCATS Policy Committee on February 23, 2022.  The MTP document was submitted to the Michigan Department of Transportation for processing with federal transportation and environmental agencies on February 28, 2022.  

BCATS 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Document


          The System Performance Report which is in the Appendix of the full MTP document will be updated every year following the adoption of the 2045 MTP.  The MTP is updated every 5 years,with the next full update to be completed by February 2027.


           The Transportation Conformity Determination Report for the 1997 Ozone NAAQS for the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek Limited Orphan Maintenance Area (LOMA), which had to accompany the completion of the 2045 MTP, has also been finished and submitted to MDOT.

                        (see the Air Quality link in the left-hand column of this page for that Report)


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