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Performance Measures

The Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act of December 2015 established a performance and outcome based program for the nation's transportation network.  The USDOT/Federal Highway Administration established rules for the performance measures, as outlined in the legislation, for the highway system that address the following:  safety, pavement condition on the National Highway System, bridge condition on the National Highway System, traffic congestion and system reliability, mobile source emissions, and freight movement on the Interstate system.  The rules direct each state to adopt targets within each of the categories and to provide those targets to the metropolitan transportation organizations (MPOs) within the state for MPO action as well.  MPOs have the option of "supporting" the state's targets or establishing targets of their own for the various target categories.  BCATS has elected to "support" the state targets since the process was started.  The targets are updated on a set schedule and BCATS addresses revised targets as they are made available.

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has established performance measures for public transit operators in the areas of asset management and safety.  These measures also require target setting and the sharing of those targets with the MPO.  These targets are updated according to a set schedule and BCATS also addresses revised transit targets as they are made available.

Use the links below to view the most recent action on performance targets taken by the BCATS Policy Committee for the various performance measure categories (note - signed versions are on file at the BCATS office):


Pavement Condition

Bridge Condition

Travel Time Reliability/Freight

Transit Asset Management (State of Good Repair)

Transit Safety

Mobile Source Emissions (only applies to areas with total population of 200,000 and above)

This page last updated on 6/26/2023.

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