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Transportation Planning


2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan


BCATS' 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan has been completed and was approved by the BCATS Policy Committee on February 23, 2022.  The full 222-page document can be viewed here, or view the Executive Summary here.

Each year an updated System Performance Report, first prepared as part of the MTP, needs to be completed by the metropolitan planning organization.  BCATS' 2023 update of the System Performance Report can be found at this link.





2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan


November 2016




Statement of Vision
Glossary of Transportation Planning Terms


Chapter I - Executive Summary
Chapter II - Introduction
Chapter III - Goals and Objectives
Chapter IV - Public Participation
Chapter V - Consultation
Chapter VI - Intermodal Considerations - Air, Rail, & Trucking
Chapter VII - Intermodal Considerations - Pedestrian & Non-motorized
Chapter VIII - Intermodal Considerations -Transit, Taxicab, Intercity Bus, & Ridesharing
Chapter IX - Coordination with the State Long Range Plan & Long Range Planning
Chapter X - Socio-Economic Data
Chapter XI - Travel Demand Forecast Model (TDFM)
Chapter XII - Transportation Deficiencies & Alternatives

Chapter XIII - Operational and Management Strategies

Chapter XIV - Financial Plan

Chapter XV - Environmental Mitigation
Chapter XVI - Recommended Improvements

Chapter XVII - Air Quality
Chapter XVIII - Environmental Justice Analysis



     Committee & Staff Lists

     Minutes of 11/30/16 BCATS Policy Committee meeting

     Plan Approval Resolution

     Travel Time Reliability brochure

     Transportation System Resilience flyer

     Fort Custer Training Center as Potential US Dept of Defense -

          Missile Defense Agency - Continental Interceptor Site -

          fact sheets & site maps







BCATS conducts many transportation activites including the development of a 20-year long range plan, the compilation of a 4-year short range improvement program, and various other studies.

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2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan


At its meeting of June 22, 2011, the BCATS Policy Committee unanimously approved the BCATS 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan by Resolution 11-27.


Click here for the full Plan document as "published" August 1, 2011.  A limited number of paper copies are available upon request; a fee may be charged for the 164-page document.


The full Plan document does not include Appendix B, the 292-page Air Quality Conformity Demonstration Readout, which may be viewed here.


Click here for BCATS' 2035 MTP Executive Summary.  A limited number of paper copies of the 18-page Executive Summary can be provided free of charge upon request.



FY 2017-2020 

Transportation Improvement Program

(featured on the homepage)



FY 2014-2017


Original full document as printed July 30, 2013

Up-to-date TIP Project List, as amended

BCATS' TIP Amendment Schedule



Below are links to pdf documents of memos & material related to recent TIP amendments, as provided to BCATS Policy Committee members in advance of their meetings & action.


July 30, 2014 - FY14-17 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment #4

May 28, 2014 - FY14-17 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment #3

January 22, 2014 - FY14-17 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment #2

November 20, 2013 - FY14-17 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Amendment #1

(The November 2013 amendment was initially presented as Am#18 to the previous TIP; upon final State & Federal approval of the new FY14-17 TIP in late November, it was ultimately processed as Am#1 to the FY14-17 TIP.)




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